Sunday, August 21, 2016

August Dreaming

 The United Nations negotiating food distribution policy.
I am the Queen of Starting a Knitting Project these days. I keep casting on in pink and then pulling it all off, knowing I probably won't wear it. I realise that a big part of my knitting joy is the process, seeing how a pattern unfolds. So eventually this great Madder pattern will be made manifest.

 We went out for another look at the land that we already call 'ours'. Clearly it is at its most lush in winter so we regard it with a realistic eye, imagining the brown and dry version that summer will bring, but also the garden we will plant, the house we will build.

There will be plenty of shade under Redgum trees.
Nooks and crannies for kids to explore and a beautiful view.

 The neighbourhood aint so bad either!


 It was just cold. Bloody cold!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Catch up from the Rustic Empire.....

So very very busy we have been but now the term has ground to a halt and the arctic wind is driving us in doors so what to do now that the school projects, the extra work hours, the daily routine, and the last music lessons are done, but knit, drink tea and chat?

 A Charlotte cardigan is on the circular needles, for myself; lovely pattern but I'm not sure about all that pink! The wool was generously given me by my sister-in-law, along with much more, so very happy to be using the stash. I love knitting in the round. I'm sill to perfect the pick up and knit precision but it's preferable to sewing up!
Bread baking going well, now a regular part of the week and soon I will buy two more tins because that will save more time. They freeze well and we seem to go through it so fast. I am off gluten sadly for a while to try to iron out some health issues. It may be that my two staple dietary components - diary and wheat - are not my friends after all. Thank goodness for spelt; even though it's not gluten free it might mean I can still eat my own bread!

We have been looking for land to buy, and perhaps we have found it. A plot with big gum trees, undulating land, winter sun and very peaceful...

There have been winter workshops and winter festivals as is expected this solstice time of year. The kids have had a ball, making swords and shields, lanterns and spirals. 
And I found this today courtesy of the Yard where I very much like to visit of a week. This is a sentiment by which I try to live life. There could be so much more simplification. Slowly slowly!

Stay warm Dear Ones add a little bit extra cardamon to your chai....

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Oh dear what happened to February. It seems to have morphed into March, sending its customary heat audaciously into Autumn. 

Life has been very full with little time and inclination for blogging let alone taking photos. These are from February and January, two birthdays gone by, a trip to Tassie, a bunch of books, not a bit of knitting, the start of term, the last tomatoes and basil, one flu and suddenly two and a half weeks until Easter. 

Deep breath. Off we go new season!

Hope you are cool and full of pesto and Autumn Dreaming!


Sunday, January 10, 2016


Granny/Afghan squares to cover a cushion. 

And another home grown dinner (not the pork, but we made the sausage!). 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

As you can see I'm trying to squeeze in a bit more blogging. I don't have a Facebook profile, nor Instagram, nor Twitter and there are times when I wonder why I blog.  But I get so much inspiration from other blogs that I figure if I just keep it up, someone somewhere will find something good
here and if nothing else my own creativity may blossom!

We had a beautiful week with the kids. Lots of swimming for them. There was much floating on the river on Wednesday, a favourite summer activity. 

Yesterday Beau and I went to visit our dear friends in the bush, with whom we lived 6 years ago. T and I used to walk a lot, sometimes a long way, down the gravel lanes, past horses, sheep, kangaroos, echidnas, willy wag tails. Last night we walked with the boys and then played records and had a Michael Jackson dance off. When I woke up this morning, Abuelo brought a mysterious bundle into the kitchen - M had sneakily stashed his old turn table in the back of my car before I left! I can't wait to get speakers and amp and put the needle on the record. 

Today is my first day to myself for a couple of weeks. The kids have gone to their other parents. Abuelo has gone fishing. The family visits have come to an end. 

There are lots of things I could do - clean, wash our clothes, weed the vege patch, bake....but really I want to write and ponder or maybe alter this.....

or draw something with these.......

or start reading this....

or even curl and and nap, which I hardly ever do. Maybe before the sun goes down I'll have done a little of each.